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proffit ERP is an all in one software for almost any business. It covers all the basic processes of any business including Finance, Human Resource & Payroll, Assets Management, Inventory, Contact & User Management. proffit ERP is one of those easy to use multi-user, multi-business and multi-branch software application helping organizations to manage their businesses in a very systematic way. proffit ERP helps staff to work efficiently while business higher officials can get perfect and accurate reports. User-friendly & responsive ERP softwares, can be managed from anywhere via mobile, computer & laptops with unlimited users. Other features include Android applications, Master Setups, Master Reporting, Website Integration, Data Security, Backups & a cooperative support team for training & guidance.

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Proffit Mobile Apps

Real Estate

Customer, Owner apps Housing Societies, Shopping Malls


Customer, Owner Apps Hotels, Restaurants & Events Management


Customer, Doctor Apps for Hospitals, Clinic & Labs

Hotel Management

Our software for hotels is a cloud-based ERP management system suitable for small to large size hotels. Our aim is to minimize the work involved in managing any hospitality business and provide you with better solutions to increase your business revenue. It has every important feature which you must need for your business. Some important core features includes room reservations, room services, housekeeping management, online booking and more.


Point Of Sale

Manage journal vouchers, payments and receipts, cash receipt, cash payment, bank receipt, bank payment, post/unpost voucher, transaction transfer and more.

Inventory Management

Manage categories, products, supplier, clients, sales, purchase, returns & damages, stock tracking and more.

Services & Invoicing

An itemized bill for goods sold or services provided, containing individual prices, the total charge, and the terms.

HR & Payroll

The human resource management plays a vital role in smooth operations of any organization. The software features all stages of operations from induction to release of the employees. The biometric attendance integration strengthens the organisations to ensure that all the man power is performing as the schedule and tasks assigned.

Basic Setup

Manage Departments, Holiday Calander, Allowances & Deductions, Pay Scale, Pay Scale Allowances

Employee Management

Manage all employee's, their designations, departments, payrolls and employee's reports.


Manage advance payment, post salaries, manage posted salaries, account settings, pay salaries.

Proffit Users








General Business

All General Business modules are available in proffit ERP software to meet the needs of your business and diverse users across all decision types.


Our hospitality management is a cloud-based ERP software designed specifically for hotels, restaurants, events, resorts, cafe's, bars and other firms which involves the management of staff, inventory, sales, purchases, warehouse and more. As our software is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere anytime from any device i.e Smartphone, tablet, laptop. It is a user friendly, easy-to-use software which holds efficient features and you can manage different branches of your business from one place.


As per the health module, proffit ERP is a complete cloud-based management software for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies & labs with mobile applications, various features include doctor's management, patient's management, appointment's/prescriptions & much more.

Real Estate Management

proffit ERP is a Real Estate Management software for housing societies, shopping malls & buildings, general property & construction businesses. Easy management of property, plots, shops, flats, files & Installment plans. A very user-friendly software can be accessed from anywhere. Android and IOS applications for Owners and plot holders.


Cloud-Based proffit ERP management software for livestock optimize the performance of your farm and increase your productivity. It is user friendly, easy to enter data and get powerful reporting to analyze your business. Multiple features include human resources, finance, assets, contact management & much more

Travel & Tourism

Cloud-based proffit ERP has another advanced module for travel & tourism businesses with in the country & internationally as well. Meeting the needs of business proffit ERP has master setup features for hospitality, bookings, transport, services, tour packages, visa & passport management and most important features includes Asset, Finance, Human Resources & Contact management.


proffit ERP is a complete supply chain management software supporting the raw material purchases, issuance, production and finished good preparation.

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Are you tired of wasting time doing your invoicing manually?? proffit ERP provides you with a better solution

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